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frostbite883 asked: In three words, how would you describe Gine?

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Passive, indecisive… nice?

I don’t know that she’s been particularly fleshed out, but from what little information is available, she seems to let other characters, like Bardock, make all the important decisions. She doesn’t really like to punch other people, either. HIGHLY dubious for a shonen manga character.

I give Toriyama a little credit for writing some decent female characters (not a lot of female characters in total, of course), but Gine is just a background character in a short, one-shot manga. And she just may always stay that way, dawg.

Her was my favorite of 2013, and Beasts of The Southern Wild was tied for my best of 2012.

Going backward from there, I’d have to do fan art for:

2012: The Master
2011: Tree of Life
2010: Inception/Never Let Me Go
2009: The White Ribbon/The Hurt Locker
2008: In Bruges
2007: There Will Be Blood/The Diving Bell and The Butterfly/Hot Fuzz
2006: Children of Men/The Proposition
2005: Oldboy
2004: Shaun of The Dead
2003: In America
2002: Punch-Drunk Love/Bloody Sunday
2001: Memento/In The Mood For Love
2000: Requiem For a Dream

I stop at 2000, because that’s when I started really paying attention to movies. Oldboy would be fun, but I can’t picture myself having any interest appropriating any of the rest into an illustration.

I’m going to draw something Oldboy related. That’s what I got out of this. Not the remake, foo.’



I’m opening up commissions again. I would really appreciate the help, there’s no set cost either, whatever you think my art is worth, even if it’s just a buck. Every little bit helps.
If you’re interested just send me an ask or fanmail or something idgaf.

Thank youuuu <3


I am playing with a few new apps



I am playing with a few new apps


Some Nintendo themed iPad doodles.

Yeah, Nintendo, man. They’re pretty cool.

"It&#8217;s soon after midnight, and I&#8217;ve got a date with the fairy queen."

iPad scribble.

"It’s soon after midnight, and I’ve got a date with the fairy queen."

iPad scribble.

iPad sketch in progress. Still a little more work to do.


Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.