Jesus Of The Moon - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Well, I kept thinking about what the weatherman said
And if the voices of the living can be heard by the dead
Well, the day is gonna come when we find out
And in some kinda way I take a little comfort from that now and then
'Cause people often talk about being scared of change
But for me I’m more afraid of things staying the same
'Cause the game is never won by standing in any one place for too long

Maybe it was you or maybe it was me?
But there was a chord in you I could not find to strike
You lying there with all the light in your hair like a Jesus of the moon
A Jesus of the planets and the stars


Shinji Mikami playing Biohazard 3.5

Did you know that before you get the final product, Resident Evil 4 had other versions? Even one of them ended up becoming the first Devil May Cry. The project became known as Resident Evil 3.5. In the version shown in the video above, Leon was infected, and confront ghosts as part of hallucinations caused by the effect of the virus in his body.

When a birthday comes around, I don’t just buy cards or make cards, I do both. The first two images are the card as it originally appeared, and the last three are after I fixed it. This is for Eli, with whom I frequently talk to until 1am about music recording technology and botany.

My work is going to be featured in an art book showing key art from around Frederator’s awesome network. SWAG!

My work is going to be featured in an art book showing key art from around Frederator’s awesome network. SWAG!

In the last 7 days, I’ve completed 68 illustrations, most of which were commercial projects for clients, and the five I will do later today will make that 73. That in itself isn’t significant or interesting, but I realize now that I haven’t slept half that many hours in the same number of days.

And absolutely none of this is worth mentioning except that it occurred to me that there’s a possible formula here, the “You Need a Girlfriend or Just Somebody to Save You From Yourself” Quotient.

All this time, I thought smh meant everybody was quoting headlines from Sydney Morning Herald, and I thought, “wow, this sure must be a slow news day in Sydney, Australia.”

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

James Franco's boring short film about a necrophiliac

Starring Michael Shannon, based on the poem by Frank Bidart.

See this short and you’ll understand why I’m not a fan of Franco’s filmmaking. There’s a difference between challenging and boring, between affectively distancing yourself from the emotions of the protagonist in order to confront an audience and academic, emotionally stifled filmmaking.

Read the poem. There’s more there.

Brief candles in her mind
Bright and tiny gems of memory
Brief candles burn so fine
Leaves a light inside where she can see
What makes it all worthwhile
Her sadness makes her smile

(Source: Spotify)

Recent iPad sketches - I’m getting faster and looser over time. Some day, it’ll just be squiggles on the page but you’ll be like, “Holy shit! That’s Super Saiyan Goku! I think maybe. Definitely that or Aquaman.”